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Website designer and web developer based in Milton Keynes. Creating beautiful, blazing-fast and very responsive websites and web apps using React, Node and JAMstack architecture.

web development

Coding and development of websites and web apps using a combination of JavaScript, React and Node.

web design

Bespoke website design based on branding guidelines and customer requirements or I can create a design from scratch.

web apps

All of my websites are built to function as web apps, PWAs. I can also publish the app on Google Play and Apple App Store.

Blazing-Fast Websites

All my website designs are built to run blazing-fast on all platforms. This is why I use React and Gatsby or Next.js as my framework of choice. I build my websites as Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), which are web applications that work both as a website and a smartphone app. PWAs are fast and reliable, installable like an app and optimised to be responsive to all screen sizes.


I create blazing-fast web content. I put a lot of emphasis on making sure web content is delivered fast to your customers. Every millisecond counts.


I can help your site rank and perform better in search engines. Using React and Gatsby makes your site fast and efficient for search engine crawlers, like Googlebot, to crawl your site and index your pages.


Websites will look great and will respond to the user’s behavior and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation. Built as a Progressive Web App (PWA).

editable content

You will be able to edit your own content through a content management system (CMS) of your choice, whether that is WordPress, Drupal, Contentful, Shopify, plus many more.

How I Build Websites

Often referred to as JAMstack development. This is an architecture designed to make the web faster, more secure and easier to scale.

Why JAMstack?

JAMstack's biggest advantage is the way that it delivers websites to visitors. The website is pre-built into highly optimised static pages and assets (images, videos) during the build process. The pre-built site can then be served directly from a CDN (Content Delivery Network)* which removes the need for a server to host and deliver your website.

When someone visits a page, the CDN will deliver the pre-built page blazing-fast as it does not need to retrieve it from a server.

*CDN (Content Delivery Network) - A distributed network optimised for serving assets to users. By being geographically distributed, a CDN can provide redundancy and also improve delivery performance as a result of servicing requests from the infrastructure closest to the user making the request.

Using Services

JAMstack is built in a way where all the sites code, content and services are separate or decoupled. By using this approach you can leverage the expertise of the 3rd party services to add additional functionality to the site. Another benefit is that this makes your website more difficult to hack as all information is not in one place.

The infographic below illustrates what can be decoupled from the actual website but can also be easily implemented, if required.

jamstack infographic


  • Better Performance - Website has already been pre-built and is ready for visitors, making it blazing-fast. Speed is also an important aspect of SEO.
  • More Secure - Because everything is separate, attacks are more difficult. You can utilise all the specialised 3rd party services you use to help prevent attacks.
  • Cheaper, Easier Scaling - No more server upgrading to handle your traffic. Leverage your 3rd party services to do all the heavy lifting.

Want to find out more?

There are many more benefits to this type of modern web development. By using modern technologies and architecture, you can future proof your business and be ready to scale up. Want to find out more? Get in touch.

Why Hire Me?

If you are looking for a freelance web developer, an experienced React developer or you just want to make a few changes to your current website, then I can help you. Are you looking to move away from WordPress? Are WordPress plugins slowing your website down? Then using my solution will be the perfect fit.

Mission Statement

I build websites and apps based on a full stack JavaScript. Depending on your requirements, I will tailor the best solution that will suit both you and the project.

I concentrate on building websites that offer the best user experience (UX) by making the website design blazing-fast and making it responsive to all screen sizes.

I will use Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to rank your site on google, using the best techniques and keywords to get your site more hits.

Do you need a logo? I can create a fantastic design using Adobe Illustrator.

I charge flat rates for all of my projects, not by the hour. Contact Me for a quote. Alternatively, call me on 07947187536 or email me on yanny@yannyweb.com

Skills Summary

  • Full Stack JavaScript Developer
  • Agile Certified
  • ITIL Certified
  • Leadership Experience



Web Development


Web Design & UX

PhotoshopIllustratorAxure RP9



I love helping small businesses reach their potential on a digital platform

During these current times, small businesses need as much help as they can get. Making the perfect website that will get you more customers and maximise your ROI is what I love doing. Find out more about me and take a look at my services to see what I can offer to you.

Featured Portfolio

Kenquiry CRM

Kenquiry CRM

Originally created in-house whilst I was working for the UK government. Kenquiry is a CRM used to manage the workflow for an in-house team of departments (IT, Accounts, HR, Protocol, Estates). Original stack was VBA and SQL but I wanted to create a demo using React and JavaScript libraries.

Lipstick Lifters

Lipstick Lifters

Modernised the website as the previous site became clunky and slow in Wordpress. Moved website to Gatsby and created a better user experience (UX) and made it blazing-fast. Updated the authentication for members and the Stripe payment workflow. Used AWS Amplify as my serverless service to create a truely modern serverless web app.



Refrigeration engineers portfolio website. A clean design that showcases the company's services. What makes this website stand out from its competitors is the speed performance, with desktop speeds near perfect and mobile in the high 80s, early 90s. Great for SEO rankings.

Mama Sue's Cook House (in development)

Mama Sue's Cook House (in development)

A new take-away restaurant opening soon. Customer wants a beautiful website to showcase their delicious food. The design will be vibrant to go with the theme of the restuarant. Currently in development.


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